Saint Veronica Reaserch


Name – Saint Veronica

Born: Rome Caesarea Philippi, 1st century

Death: July 12th , 1st Century

Patron saint of – Photography

Canonised – 12th of July, 1885

Feast Day – 12th of July,

Information –
– Saint Veronica was so moved to see Jesus carrying the cross and falling beneath the weight of the cross on his way to Calvary she push through the roman soldiers and wiped Jesus’s face wiping all the blood and sweat with her veil, which his image then appeared, she treasured and protected the veil. After wiping his face the soldiers forces Veronica away for Jesus.

– After Veronica wiped Jesus face, his faces what scared on the veil and from then on whomever touched he veil was immediately healed.

-When Saint Veronica Wiped Jesus face, his face was called “BERNICE”.

-Saint Veronica’s act of kindness and Charity is represented in the sixth of the fourteen stations of the cross.

Prayre to Saint Veronica-

O My Jesus, Saint Veronica served You on the way to Calvary by wiping Your beloved face with a towel on which Your sacred image then appeared. She protected this treasure, and whenever people touched it, they were miraculously healed. I ask her to pray for the growth of my ability to see Your sacred image in others, to recognize their hurts, to stop and join them on their difficult journeys, and to feel the same compassion for them as she did for You. Show me how to wipe their faces, serve their needs, and heal their wounds, reminding me that as I do this for them, I also do this for You. Saint Veronica, pray for me.

Why I chose saint Veronica
So I chose saint Veronica because to me she’s a very loving, helpful, kind and caring. She helped Jesus when he didn’t ask and she helped a man that didn’t deserve to be crucified on the cross.


Re sacraments reflection

Baptism: When you get baptised, you get the holy water poured on your head, you also get welcomed into the catholic family. People celebrate baptism because it’s a tradition in in the church. 

reconciliation: At your reconciliation the priest welcomes us and we make the sighn of the cross, he tells us to trust god, he reads gods words with us. We confess our sins, the priest can help and guide and help us. The sacrament of reconciliation is that you confess to god what you’ve done wrong.

Eucharist: We believe in the real presents Jesus who died in our sins, we are also brought closer to god.

confomation: confomation is one of the seven sacraments and you usually receive your confomation as a teenager. After you have made you confomation you chose a saint name to be your second middle name. 

marage: people that believe on god, believe that marrage is a gift from god and should be taken for grantage. You have to sighn a marrage certificate. Untill 2007 couples could not marry in another parish church.